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It is crucial to properly fund your trust otherwise the trust will not work like you want it to. Funding is the process by which your assets are placed in the trust. A trust is a bit like a bucket that has a rule book attached to it that controls who can hold the bucket and what is to happen to its contents. The trustee is the person who holds the bucket, protects and controls the assets inside, and the rule book directs them on what they can and cannot do. The trustee has no power to control assets that are not placed into the bucket (the trust). As such, it is critical for all of your assets, with a few exceptions such as retirement accounts, to be “put inside the bucket.” The method in which assets are placed into the bucket varies based upon the type, size, and nature of the asset. The Funding Instructions document provides detailed instructions so that you can ensure all of your assets are properly placed into the trust both initially and throughout the years that follow the creation of your trust

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I have worked with Trent numerous times over the past year. I have both referred him clients of mine and he has advised me on several estate planning questions personally. There is no one that I would trust more highly than Trent when it comes to business law, estate planning, and gun trusts.
Chad W.
I was very pleased with the service . I had been waiting and waiting to get trust setup, and when I decided to use Woods Law it was painless, fast, priced right, very simple. Thank you so much for your help. See you again soon sir.
I used Mr Woods for a NFA Trust and the experience was great. Mr Woods was very patient with all my questions and lack of knowledge with the law. Mr Woods responded very quickly to all my concerns and questions involving my trust.

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