Memorial Instructions

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There are very few experiences in life more difficult or emotionally draining than the passing of a loved one. Those that have lost a close loved one can attest to the fact that the last thing they wanted to do after the death was to plan the details of the funeral services. Making decisions about details feels endless and exhausting during such an emotional time. Questions to be answered seem endless: Which funeral home do you use? Did the loved one want to be cremated or buried? Where should the loved one be buried? Is there already a burial plot? Which casket do you choose? Open casket or closed? Which urn? What will the services be like? Who will speak at the services? Who will deliver the eulogy? What songs would the loved one want at the services? Performed by whom? Would the loved one want scripture versus, poems, or stories read? Who will serve as pall bearers? What types of flowers should you have at the services? Where should family and friends make donations? The choices can be overwhelming. Fortunately, you can plan such details so that the loved ones you leave behind do not have to guess at what you would have wanted at your funeral, or even worse, so they do not fight over those decisions. Sadly, we have found that planning funerals can often trigger disagreements among children, siblings, or other family members that destroys family harmony. Sometimes such fighting or hurt feelings can last for years or even decades; ruining relationships instead of strengthening them when they most need comfort and support.

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